Moorpark Pick Your Own - This Week

Our Pick Your Own fields are open 9am - 6pm daily and close promptly at 6:00pm. All rides will return by that time. Please plan your visit accordingly.
Wagons available for use (first come/first served). Personal wagons/strollers allowed.
No Dogs/Animals, Picnicking, Coolers, Motorized Personal Vehicles, Scooters, Bikes, Segways, skateboards, or ride-ons of any type (except wheelchairs).

For a complete list of prices and produce as projected


Arugula - $1.99/lb
Beets - $.99/lb
Bok Choy - $.99/lb
Broccoli - $1.49/lb
Broccolini- $2.99/lb
Cabbage - $.99/ea
Carrots - $.99/lb
Cauliflower - $2.49/ea
Celery - $.99/lb
Chard - $1.99/lb
Cilantro - $1.99/lb
Fava Beans - $1.49/lb
Fennel - $1.99/lb
Kale - $1.99/lb
Leeks - $1.49/lb
Lettuce - $1.29/ea
Mandarins - $1.49/lb
Sugar Snap Peas - $2.99/lb
Sweet Pea Flowers - $.10/stem
Radish - $.99/lb
Radicchio - $2.00/ea
Spinach - $1.99/lb
Spinach - Mizuna - $1.99/lb
Spinach - Tatsoi - $1.99/lb
*Strawberries - $2.59/lb
Turnips - $.79/lb
Verdologa - $1.99/lb

*Weather related issues may affect strawberry harvest.  Please visit our Social Media sites for any updates.

Weekday Admission: $6.00
Weekend & Holiday Admission: $8.00
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Days

Children UNDER 2 and parking FREE.
Seniors (65+), Military, Veterans, & Emergency 1st Responders receive $2 admission discount daily (w/ valid ID)

⋅ Wagon rides included with admission

⋅ Pull wagons available (first come/first served)

⋅ For more information on items to Pick This Week

⋅ Admission is at the gate unless specified as part of a Special Event.

⋅ Season Passes available for purchase at the gate or on-line.

Please visit the Admissions page for activities taking place.

⋅ Please visit our Events page for Special Event pricing.

⋅ Please visit our FAQ page for guidelines and precautions before visiting the farm

Masks required to be worn over the mouth and nose for ages 3+ at check in/check out, on tractor rides & in Farm Markets.
Must maintain 6 feet physical distancing between groups at all times. This = 2 rows of separation in the pick your own fields or a horse length apart.

PLEASE NOTE: NO DOGS OR OUTSIDE ANIMALS! Service, Guide or Signal Dogs accompanying an owner ONLY. Service Dog Fraud is a Crime. Please see our FAQ page regarding knowingly and fraudulently representing himself or herself, through verbal or written notice, to be the owner or trainer of any canine licensed as, to be qualified as, or identified as, a guide, signal, or service dog, under California Penal Code 365.7.