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Moorpark Farm Center

Bring the entire family, young & old, for a fun, educational day "out on the farm."  Children love it!
For your convenience, we have a number of pull-wagons to transport your "prize pickings" and/or  children from the field to the Farm Market area.  There is no reservation required for pick-your-own. Only for educational, school farm tours.

There is $3.00 admission fee to our Farm Center Monday - Friday and $6.00 on weekends and holidays.
Admission to the Farm on weekends during the Fall Harvest Festival is $15.00. Weekend admission includes a tractor-drawn wagon ride to the fields.  Most picked items are priced by the pound.  For more information on our admission, please click here.

It's a great way to spend a day outdoors!  For a complete calendar of crops and their months of availability, check out our
Crop Calendar.

Please remember that Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark is a fully operational working farm.  That means it could be dusty or even muddy and our summers can get quite hot...we recommend that sensible shoes & appropriate clothing be worn, and that you bring water to drink & plenty of sunscreen.  Refreshments are available for purchase at the Farm Market. Pick Your Own is also available at our Somis location. 


For your safety and for the protection of our farm animals and crops, please read the following guidelines:

1. Please observe and follow ALL notices and signs.

2. For your safety and for dust control we have posted a 5-MPH Speed Limit throughout our farm.

3. Please keep well away from ALL tractors and farm machinery at all times.

4. NO unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the fields.

5.  Please be careful when walking in our fields. Our crops are fragile and need to be treated with respect.

6.  Absolutely NO THROWING of fruit, vegetables, rocks, sticks, etc.

7. When you are in the fields, feel free to sample our crops, but please DO NOT make a meal of them. 

8.  To make this a fun & educational experience for all, we ask that you please WATCH & CONTROL your children.

9. Please bring your own clippers for pick-your-own crops.

10. Please do not bring food from home for the farm animals, they are on a strict, nutritional diet..

11. DO NOT open any farm gates.

Again, thank you in advance for your cooperation!!