Pumpkin Tours 

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Pumpkin Tours ($8):

Pumpkin Tours feature a vintage tractor drawn wagon ride around the farm & pumpkin patch where everyone will get to pick their very own sugarbaby pumpkin and use the shaded picnic area to enjoy your snacks or sack lunch. You will also have a chance to visit our Farm Animal Center & Corn Maze! Every teacher will get a free class pumpkin.

Pumpkin Tour: $8.00 per person (children & parents)
Includes a sugar baby pumpkin
Teachers & Aides are FREE! For homeschool groups, click here

The tour is approximately 2 hours including picnic and Farm Animal Center.

There is a minimum price for each tour based on 20 participant. There is a $100 deposit required which is refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of tour.

*To ensure that your trip to Underwood Family Farms is FUN and relaxing, please see our tour guidelines so that you will be prepared before your arrival. Also, please take note that all prices are subject to change without notice.