Strawberries – by the basket, 3 pack, half flat or full flat

Base price is 3.95 for one basket. Final price is dependent on the size/amount chosen.

** Indicates items that we grow on the farm, but sometimes we purchase from our approved suppliers to stock our farm stands if it’s not in season.
HG – Indicates that item is always grown on our farm.

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Final price is dependent on options chosen and will be added to the base price.



Albion strawberries are quickly developing a reputation for big, uniform fruit with a luscious red hue and robust flavor. They have durable skins and store well. We hope to have them available for picking well into the summer and maybe even the fall! Strawberries have a similar nutritional makeup to their berry counterparts, with the highest amount of vitamin C – 81 mg per serving, which is 136% of the daily value.


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