Base price is .99 lb. Final price is dependent on the variety chosen.

** Indicates items that we grow on the farm, but sometimes we purchase from our approved suppliers to stock our farm stands if it’s not in season.
HG – Indicates that item is always grown on our farm.

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Final price is dependent on options chosen and will be added to the base price.



Cream: Creamer Potatoes are very, very young, small and tender potatoes, younger even than the potatoes sold as new potatoes.

Russet: The Russet is a ruddy-skinned potato that is known for baking.

Sweet: A root vegetable that is large, starchy, and sweet-tasting.

White Cream: A very tender potato known as a new potato.

Yukon Gold:  Thin yellow-buff skin and a delicious, light-yellow flesh make these potatoes very versatile. 


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