Oranges HG – 40 lb box


Oranges – 40 lb. box

** Indicates items that we grow on the farm, but sometimes we purchase from our approved suppliers to stock our farm stands if it’s not in season.
HG – Indicates that item is always grown on our farm.



Navel Oranges: California navel oranges are considered by many to be the best oranges in the world for eating out of hand. They have a meaty flesh, their thick rinds are easy to peel, the segments separate easily, and they have no seeds. All navel oranges have a navel at the blossom end an opening with a convoluted interior that looks like a navel. Some have a very small navel; others have a larger one.

Valencia Oranges: They golden as they become fully ripe, but as they remain on the tree during warmer weather the orange skin re-absorbs chlorophyll from the leaves and the orange turns green again, beginning at the stem end. Valencia oranges are known as juice oranges, but they can be eaten as well.


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