Prices start at .69 per pound.  Final price is dependent on variety/options chosen.

** Indicates items that we grow on the farm, but sometimes we purchase from our approved suppliers to stock our farm stands if it’s not in season.
HG – Indicates that item is always grown on our farm.

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Final price is dependent on options chosen and will be added to the base price.



Brown Onions: The brown onion has a strong flavour. The inside is a greenish-white, light yellow, or white inside with layers of yellow-brown/pale golden papery skin.

Pearl Onions: The pearl onion is a close relative of the leek and only has only a single storage leaf.

Red Onions**: These onions have a sharp flavor and can easily make eyes water.

White Onions: White onions have a papery white skin, and their flavor is milder and sweeter than yellow onions, making them good for serving raw in fresh salsa or homemade guacamole.

Green Onions**: Green onions are used in salads, barbecued on shish kebabs, in stews and soups, on sandwiches and in meat dishes.

Texas Sweet Onions-HG: Available mid-April through June. Fat-free, very low in sodium, a great source of fiber, high in vitamin C, & cholesterol-free.



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