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CSA Program - Signup Help

Sign Up Wizard Questions
I don't see a pick-up site that is near me.
We are always looking for new site hosts. Email us to inquire about becoming a site host.

The site I am interested in joining doesn't have the street address.
Those sites are probably private residences, when you sign up as a member you will be sent an email confirmation with all the details about your site location, please read this.  Additionally, you can see this information after you sign up by signing into your CSA account and clicking on Pick-up Directions.

The site that I want to pick up at says "Closed".
Some pick-up sites, such as schools, organizations, churches/temples are limited to that particular community.  If you have a question about whether you can join, please email us at

The site that I want to pick up at says "Waitlisted".
At times pick-up sites become full and over capacity or don't have the minimum number of members needed to be active, you can join to be notified when the site is open again or maybe consider starting a new location nearby.

What are my payment options and how to do they work?
We have three payment options - monthly, quarterly and semi-annual, this determines the length of your CSA membership.  If you are a new member, it's probably best to pick the monthly option to see if you like the program first.  Some people really prefer the longer options so that they don't have to worry about making a payment every month.

We also allow the members to choose either single (one-time) payments or automatic (recurring) payments. The automatic payments are setup and managed by the member through a PayPal account (required) and will be automatically processed in accordance with what payment payment you have chosen (monthly, quarterly, semi annual).  All payments are processed electronically through PayPal (our payment processor), but you do not need to pay using a PayPal account, you can use any credit or debit card accepted by PayPal.

How do I know that I am signed up?
You will receive a confirmation email with details about your box size, pick-up location and your first date of delivery.  Please keep this email for your reference as it contains links to information here on our website that you may need to access in the future.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email us.

Online System Features

How do I change my box size, or add or remove additional boxes,
put a box on hold or change pickup sites?

To schedule a box hold using the Delivery Hold feature:

1 - Log into your account
2 - Click on Delivery Hold tab
3 - Enter the dates you would like your box delivery stopped. Note: If you enter a delivery date as your last day of a hold you will not be scheduled for a box that day. If you plan to return and pick up a box on the same day please enter the ending date of your delivery hold as two days prior to the scheduled delivery date.
4 - Click on Save. Up to three (3) holds can be scheduled at a time. The deadline for a box hold is 6PM 4 days prior to your next scheduled delivery (pick-up). For example, if your pick-up day is Tuesday you will need to schedule your hold by 6PM on Friday. If you attempt to schedule later than that, the system will give you a message and your box hold will not processed.
5 - You will be sent an email confirming your delivery hold date(s) and the date of your next scheduled pick-up. Your account will not incur any charges while your delivery hold is active.

If you don't get your hold in to us on time, you have the option to have a friend pick it up or to donate the box.    People who would like to donate their boxes to a food bank need to notify us at no later than one (1) day prior to pickup date.  If you want to coordinate the donation yourself, here are some options and contact information to do that.

Ventura County - Food Share
Andy Murphy - Email or Phone (805-983-7100) at least two hours prior to pickup time

To change your box (share) size or add a box to your subscription:

1 - Log into your account
2 - Click on Change Subscription (on the right at the bottom of the Summary "box")
3 - To switch box sizes, you will need to remove your existing box size by clicking the "x" to the right of your current box, this removes your existing box.  On the left you will see the box sizes, click on the add button for the box size you want to start receiving.  Click on Save & Close to complete the change.
4 - To add an extra box to your current subscription you will either type over and change the quantity number to the desired number of boxes you wish to receive or click on the add button on the appropriate box sizes and click on Save & Close.  All subscription changes are subject to the same deadline as a vacation/hold and must be processed by 6PM 4 days prior to your pick-up day.
5 - You will be sent an email confirming your box subscription changes.

To change your pick-up location:

1 - Log into your account
2 - Click on Change Location (on the right in the middle of the Summary box)
3 - To change locations, click the button for the location where you wish to pick up your box and click on Save & Close.  All subscription changes are subject to the same deadline as a Delivery Hold and must be processed by 6PM 4 days prior to your pick-up day.  Please note that box prices may vary at different locations as there may be different fuel charges that are governed by distance and the number of members at that particular location.
4 - You will be sent an email confirming your box subscription changes.

Will the system tell me when I need to make a payment?
You can tell by your account balance if you need to make a payment.  You will receive 2 email reminders prior to when you need to make a payment, when you receive that email, please login to your account and make your next payment.

Can I set up automatic payments if I didn't originally pay that way?

Yes!  By selecting the Automatic Payment Service option on the payment page, you can set this up through PayPal.  Note:  Requires a PayPal account and is the member's responsibility to manage this feature.