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CSA Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Potential Member Questions
New Member Questions
Current Member Questions

 Potential Member Questions

How long do I have to commit?
We ask for a one month minimum subscription.  You may cancel your subscription after you have received
your initial four (4) boxes.  If you continue beyond that, we ask that you commit to 4 week intervals, please see the CSA policies page for more details on our cancellation policy.

When can I start?
All new signups need to occur at least four (4) days prior to the delivery day.  So for example, if the pickup day is Tuesday, your signup must be completed by 6:00pm on Friday*.  After that cutoff, your box will be available the following week on the pickup day.  *Since our system is live 24/7, signups that occur between 6pm and
midnight on the cutoff day will be automatically rolled to the following week's pickup.

Can I pick what comes in the box and how much is in it?

The member can't chose what is in his/her box, all boxes are prepared identically, so that is not possible. For more on what we put in the boxes, please visit the CSA Box Sizes page.  We love to hear what our members have to say about the box contents, please email us.

What if I try it, but it's too little/too much for me?
Please feel free to change your subscription to a larger or smaller box.  We just need four (4) days to accommodate, but you'll see which box size was sent for you on the member sign off sheet.

What if I get something in my box that I have never tried before?
It's kind of like Christmas every week!  That's what some of our members have said.   But seriously, the secret to trying new things is to have a good recipe. We have a lot of suggestions on how to prepare less common fruits and vegetables on our blog.

 New Member Questions

I'm ready to do it!  How do I signup?
First, sign up online.  You can create an account or sign in through your Facebook account if you like.
After you have signed up, you will receive an email with pickup details for your particular CSA location.  Please check the Current Location page for pickup details and times.
How does it work on pickup day?
Each location is a little different, please be sure to log into your account and click on Pick-up Directions to view the details of where you should go to pick up your box.  Boxes are stacked by size, the small box is all white and the large box is taller and has a brown border on it.  There will be a pick up list at each location with your name and your box size next to it.  Please check off your name when you pick up your box and only pick up a box if your name is on the list.  If your name is not on the list, there is a reason and you need to log into your account to find out why.  The most common reason is that you have not made a payment and your account is on hold.

I can't make it during pickup hours, can I send a friend to pick up my box?
You can send a friend or extended family member to pick up your box, just make sure they understand that they need to check off and pick up using the member's name.  Please remember to respect the site hours and that the farm cannot guarantee you will have a box if it outside of the designated pickup times.

Can I pick up my box the next day?
Picking up your box the following day would compromise the quality and freshness of the produce.
If you are able to pickup your box the following day (varies, depending on site) please remember that the farm
cannot  be held responsible for any damaged or spoiled produce in this situation.

Can I recycle my box?
Boxes can be returned to the site if pre-arranged with the site host and the farm will pick them up.  Please check with the site host at your CSA location before recycling and if you do return the boxes, please break them down.

How does the subscription payment plan work?

The farm will email you a reminder to let you know when a payment is due.  To make your payments, just login and pay online using a credit card or if you have PayPal account you can use that to pay and choose whether it comes out of your linked checking account or a credit card.

What is a fuel cost?
Some pick-up locations require us to charge a little extra for the delivery cost.  This cost is minimal and applied after
you select your box size, it is a percentage based on how far you are away from the farm.  You will see the total prior to making your payment.  There are incentives to reduce this cost based on the number of members at your CSA location.  2o -29 active members will result in a 10% savings, and 30+ active members will usually waive the fuel charge altogether!

What is my account id?
Your email address is your sign-in account id.

 Current Member Questions

Why do my box contents seem smaller this week than last week?
  At times, produce values fluctuate depending on the time of year and the abundance/popularity of certain items. 
We have done many comparisons over the years and have found that our prices will always beat the same individual item sold in stores.  Additionally, our produce is much fresher as it has been picked one day and delivered the next.  

Also, please be aware that the actual box size (container) may vary due to the volume of produce (contents) that is being packed.  We don't want the produce to get damaged during it's journey to you. The box or share size that is listed on your box label will indicate what size CSA share you are currently receiving.

How do I change my box size or add a box?

To change your box (share) size or add a box to your subscription:

1 - Log into your account
2 - Click on Change Subscription (on the right at the bottom of the Summary "box")
3 - To switch box sizes, you will need to remove your existing box size by clicking the "x" to the right of your current box, this removes your existing box.  On the left you will see the box sizes, click on the add button for the box size you want to start receiving.  Click on Save & Close to complete the change.
4 - To add an extra box to your current subscription you will either type over and change the quantity number to the desired number of boxes you wish to receive or click on the add button on the appropriate box sizes and click on Save & Close.  All subscription changes are subject to the same deadline as a vacation/hold and must be processed by 6PM 4 days prior to your pick-up day.
5 - You will be sent an email confirming your box subscription changes.

What if I'm going on vacation or traveling or I need a break?

Please Note: All holds need be placed four (4) days prior to your pickup day.

To schedule a box hold using the Delivery Hold feature:

1 - Log into your account
2 - Click on Delivery Hold tab
3 - Enter the dates you would like your box delivery stopped. Note: If you enter a delivery date as your last day of a hold you will not be scheduled for a box that day. If you plan to return and pick up a box on the same day please enter the ending date of your delivery hold as two days prior to the scheduled delivery date.
4 - Click on Save. Up to three (3) holds can be scheduled at a time. The deadline for a box hold is 6PM 4 days prior to your next scheduled delivery (pick-up). For example, if your pick-up day is Tuesday you will need to schedule your hold by 6PM on Friday. If you attempt to schedule later than that, the system will give you a message and your box hold will not processed.
5 - You will be sent an email confirming your delivery hold date(s) and the date of your next scheduled pick-up.  Your account will not incur any charges while your delivery hold is active.

If you don't get your hold in to us on time, you have the option to have a friend pick it up or to donate the box.    People who would like to donate their boxes to a food bank need to notify us at no later than one (1) day prior to pickup date.  If you want to coordinate the donation yourself, here are some options and contact information to do that.

Ventura County - Food Share
Andy Murphy - Email or Phone (805-983-7100) at least two hours prior to pickup time

How do I know when to pay? 
You can log into your account online and see your balance at any time!  Recent payments are there, as well as the weekly charges for boxes and any discounts, credits or rewards you may have received.    You will be sent a courtesy reminder email when your account balance is getting low.  All renewal payments must be received no later than four (4) days prior to your pickup day.

Can I leave a check at the drop off site?

Our site hosts are friends and members of the farm who share their spaces for our boxes.  They do not handle billing or any CSA related communication.  All payments and correspondence for CSAs are handled online through the Farmigo system or email.

How do I get discounts?
If you pickup your boxes at an off site location that requires a fuel surcharge  you can earn discounts by simply recruiting additional members for your site. Note:  Discounts may be applied after sign-up some cases and may result in an account credit that can be applied to future boxes.  As membership fluctuates, you may see your box price decrease or increase.
You might also want to consider starting a CSA program in your neighborhood. Please email us if you are interested.

How do I remove the automatic payment option from my account?
1 - Log in to your PayPal account
2 - From My Account, Select Profile > More Options (bottom of the profile submenu)
3 - Under My Money or Financial Information click on My pre-approved payments.
4 - Click on Underwood Family Farms and set the Status to Cancel.

I want to pick up at another location, how do I do that?

To change your pick-up location:

1 - Log into your account
2 - Click on Change Location (on the right in the middle of the Summary box)
3 - To change locations, click the button for the location where you wish to pick up your box and click on Save & Close.  All subscription changes are subject to the same deadline as a Delivery Hold and must be processed by 6PM 4 days prior to your pick-up day.  Please note that box prices may vary at different locations as there may be different fuel charges that are governed by distance and the number of members at that particular location.
4 - You will be sent an email confirming your box subscription changes.

How do I get in to the Moorpark Farm?

Active CSA members will receive free admission to the farm for the length of their membership. Present your name and ID at the admission’s office in Moorpark for entry (free admission is for the CSA member only).  Please note that free admission for members is based on your active CSA subscription status, for example if you are not receiving a box during the week that you come to the farm, you will not be on the admission list to get in free.  During the Fall Harvest Festival all active members will be eligible for a 50% discount on the normal admission price of $12.00 during the weekends.  This may not be combined with any other discounts or offers.  More information on the Farm Center admission
can be found here.  (Please note that the Moorpark Farm Center is open from March - November and weekends only during December)

Why do I have a balance in my account?
This is money you have prepaid that will cover the weekly cost of your boxes, which are deducted each week on the delivery day.

What if my name is not on the pick-up list?
If your name is not on the list we have unfortunately not arranged a box for you.  Please log in and see if your account is on hold for lack of funds.  Please email us if you need help in resolving any issues.

What about Pesticides?
Our farm is a sustainable, non-organic growing system. Acting as good stewards of our land, we have chosen to employ the best agronomic and pest management practices utilized by certified organic growers, while still maintaining the option of using conventional materials when necessary to produce the best crop of healthy fruits and vegetables. Most of the new materials we use have very little environmental impact.  More information about our sustainable growing methods can be found here.